• Simulation and Animation Design

    Focus on Virtual Reality Gaming


    VR Goggles

    Simulation and animation design is a pathway in the arts, audio-video technology, and communications career cluster. This program is designed for students who wish to develop, design, and implement projects in the ever-expanding field of game design and development. The program emphasizes the techniques and tools used in the game design and the creative design or content of such media. Both theoretical learning and activity-based learning are provided for students who wish to develop and enhance their competencies and skills. The program focuses on the basic areas of ethics, character development, audio and video production, and design using visualization software. The program finishes with a performance-based unit that requires students to develop their own gaming environment. This comprehensive project component provides practical experience in developing a portfolio of work. Membership is encouraged in student organizations that promote technological literacy, leadership, and problem solving, resulting in personal growth and opportunity.


    Simulation and Animation Design 1 and 2 Curriculum


    TSA- Technology Student Association