Clarksdale Municipal School District (SY 2017-2018) FY2018

    The Clarksdale Municipal School District has reviewed the data captured on the Special Education Performance Report for the Federal Fiscal Year 2015 (School Year 2015-2016), which was released in August 2017.  The State Performance Plan is comprised of 14 items that indicate how well the State is serving students with disabilities.

    In creating the Special Education Performance Determination Report, MDE considered the totality of the information they had about a district to issue a determination of how well the district is performing on educating students with disabilities.  Data considered included the participation and performance of students with disabilities on the administration of the Mississippi Assessment Program; exiting data on students with disabilities who dropped out of school and those who graduated with a regular high school diploma; how much time students with disabilities are educated with their non-disabled peers; and other issues related to district compliance with the IDEA.  This report is based on data from the 2015-2016 school year.

    Data points for the district are separated into two categories: compliance and results.  The compliance data points are based on how well districts are following the rules of IDEA.  Districts get an overall score for their compliance data.  The results data points are based on key outcomes for educating students with disabilities.  Districts get an overall score for their results indicators.  The district’s Special Education Performance Determination is based on an average score of the results and compliance scores.  The Clarksdale Municipal School District received 11 points or 38.46% for results indicators.  The district received 14 compliance points for 100%, giving the district an average of 69.23%.

    The Clarksdale Municipal School District will focus on improving student reading and math skills in order to increase proficiency rates among students with disabilities.  The CMSD Special Education Department will work closely with the Federal Programs Department and the Curriculum and Instruction Department to identify and adopt research-based reading and math materials, programs, and practices.  The district will also ensure that effective professional development opportunities are provided to staff members in order to improve student proficiency.

    The district will also provide training to parents on the high school graduation options for Mississippi so that each parent will possess the knowledge required to assist their student in making informed decisions regarding graduation and post-school activities.  The District will also provide transition planning to assist students and families, ages 14 and older, in order to improve post-secondary outcomes.