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Encouraging Our Scholars


    Parents please be advised of our upcoming state assessments and the vital role you play in our student's success. Make sure your child gets a good night's rest and a healthy hearty breakfast before the tests.
    Most importantly, let's encourage our students to do their very best and remind them of how proud we already are! To promote this initiative the district will be sponsoring a district wide pep rally!!! Please come out in support of our scholars.
    Click here for a list of the upcoming test and dates.

    Feeding Program  

    Reading pays off for Battle of the Books Competitors

    Students from across the district put their literary knowledge to the test Friday morning for the District's Annual Battle of the Books Competition.

    All of the schools in the district competed in the competition; which tested students on their knowledge on books selected by each of the school's Media Specialist. Each group of students had 3 to 5 books they were responsible for reading.

    During each round of the competition, students were asked a range of questions from identifying specific quotes to details in the books.

    Congratulations to all of the participants. The winners for each grade levels are listed below. 

    3rd Grade: 1st Place- GHO  2nd Place- HES  3rd Place- KES  4th Place-BTW

    4th Grade: 1st Place- BTW  2nd Place- GHO 3rd Place- KES  4th Place-HES

    5th Grade: 1st Place- 5A     2nd Place- 5B

    6th Grade: 1st Place- 6B     2nd Place- 6A

    9th Grade: 1st Place- 9B     2nd Place- 9A

    11th Grade: 1st Place- 11B    2nd Place- 11A

    Booker T. Washington   Heidelberg Elementary

    Kirkpatrick Elementary   battle                                                          

    George H. Oliver   Oakhurst     

    J.W. Stampley   Clarksdale High


    Reading Road Map

    Reading Roadmap

    Great things are happening in our District and it's not going unnoticed.  Check out this awesome article that was featured on the Walton Family Foundation's webpage about our districts innovative after school program. 


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Our Mission

  • The Clarksdale Municipal School District will provide innovative and quality educational programs that focus on the individual development of every student.