Education of our Children: TOP PRIORITY!

  • Dr. Clarence Hayes, Principal                        Mrs. Rosalyn Griffin, Counselor                      Ms. Cassandra Pittman , Admn. Assistant


     Vision Statement

    The J.W. Stampley Freshman Academy will become a premier center for educational excellence through the employment of evidence-based practices in instruction and by building community partnerships that regard the education of every child as top priority.  

    Mission Statement

    The mission of J.W. Stampley Freshman Academy is to provide engaging, rigorous learning experiences in an environment suitable for establishing and maintaining successful student achievement which produces well-prepared competitors for the transition to high school.  

    Educational Goals

    1. To ensure a safe and orderly learning environment that is conducive for learning 

    2. To improve student achievement by providing timely interventions that support the mastery of content to struggling students

    3. To develop and maintain parent and community relationships 

    4. To provide relevant professional development for teachers 

    5. To incorporate the use of technology by students and staff





Student of the Month